Cabling & Audio Gear Service

If you need some custom cabling made up for you then these suppliers can provide pretty much anything you or they can think up. My go to for cables is Stuart Torrance because he’s a totally rad dude.

I also recently dealt with Kris Jarosz who serviced a broken MKH50 for me, it came back better than ever and at a very reasonable cost. He told me he could probably fix and probably had already fixed in the past anything sound related that I’ve touched or will ever touch. Pretty reassuring words!



  • Kris Jarosz – 07740 173 540

Kit Rental Houses

Here is a list of Kit Rental Houses derived from the suppliers list I previously posted that offer Kit Rental. All of whom I’ve either used myself or come highly recommended.

Kit Suppliers

Here is a list of suppliers that offer kit for sale. I will try and keep this updated as and when I find new reputable providers. This supplier list was taken and derived from the very useful, extremely helpful and considerate community setup on FB titled London / UK Production Sound Dept. Check them out!

Suppliers list

Other useful non-specialist places: Sound Exposure, Canford (owns Panamic), Visual Impact/O-Video (Hire, Sanken replacement), CVP, CPC/Farnell, Studiocare, Studiospares, Digibroadcast, HHB, Aspen Media (distributes AETA), Amber Sound (Countryman distributors, RTS, PA systems), Acre Jean Drape hire (drapes, unsurprisingly)